Local NAACP member speaks about anniversary

Local NAACP member speaks about anniversary

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-Monday marks the 54th anniversary of the "March on Washington" and Dr. Martin Luther King Junior's legendary "I Have A Dream" speech.

More than 200-thousand people appeared in the nation's capital to hear Dr. King's words.

The march and the speech famously pressured then-president John F. Kennedy to initiate a federal civil rights bill in congress.

Will Scott, a member of the Lawton branch of the NAACP says he thinks it's important to remember this great speech.

He says, "It's part of my life and there are so many things said in it that are relevant today, we're still experiencing despair, we have to continue to have hope and keep his dream alive because without it we'll remain in a period of despair."

Scott's hope is that we continue to keep that dream alive and never forget the past because forgetting our history makes us subject to repeating the past.