Marlow business helping Hurricane Harvey victims

Marlow business helping Hurricane Harvey victims
(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

MARLOW, OK (KSWO) - Several people in Marlow are looking to gather supplies for our neighbors down south.Employees of Glover Paint and Body will be heading to Katy, Texas Friday morning.It's about 45 minutes west of downtown Houston.They'll be helping victims and rescue workers, and ahead of that, they're asking for help in getting supplies.

They need everything from baby formula, diapers, to packaged food, socks, shoes, first aid kits, and toiletry items. So far the owner has purchased 85 cases of water, but they are still needing more.

Valarie Terbush knows what it's like to experience a natural disaster.
"I was in the May 23, 1999 tornado, and this morning I woke up and it was just on my heart. I came to my boss and he said what are you waiting on, lets do it," said Terbush.

On Tuesday morning Terbush, who works at Glover Paint and Body shop, posted on Facebook and within an hour, she received messages from people who want to help.

"Everybody's coming together its working out great. My friends and family in Woodward are donating pallets of water. We have quite a few people coming down when they get off work they want to donate stuff," said Terbush.

Owner Justin Glover said he was inspired by what Terbush wanted to do and bought 85 cases of water.

His sister and her family live in Katy, Texas. their home is surrounded by water. Before Harvey struck the home had a sidewalk and flowerbeds, now it looks like a lake.

"They are scared right now I think its too a point they are some what safe. There is no way getting out of the home because its the water is waist deep in the street," said Glover.

Glover said he wants to help his family and others who are affected by Harvey.

"I feel as a business we have been given back for years and lets do more," said Glover.

Terbush said small items like shampoo and conditioner, baby food, and snacks can go a long way to those in need. She encourages people to get out and donate.

"Its going to help all the families down there that are hungry. If you are going to eat a warm meal tonight you would want them too. So anything like water your everyday living anything is great to help them," said Terbush.

If you would like to help you can bring your donations by Glover Paint and Body on East Ballpark Road in Marlow. You can also call and they will pick up the items from your home or business.Wilkerson Concrete is donating a truck and 40 foot long trailer to haul the donations to Texas
Their goal is to fill the truck up.Terbush and some of the workers will leave Friday morning.

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