OK Air National Guard, OHP, Centerpoint Energy head to South TX to help

OK Air National Guard, OHP, Centerpoint Energy head to South TX to help

HOUSTON, TX (KSWO)- Numerous Oklahoma organizations are sending help to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Troopers from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol are in Houston this morning. They posted some photos to Facebook showing their air boats in the city's downtown. OHP says the troopers are conducting rescue operations in the area.

Medical personnel from the Oklahoma Air National Guard are in Texas today to provide help to Harvey victims in Houston. They loaded up onto a Texas Air National Guard plane, along with medical equipment and pre-packaged food. They landed in Fort Worth and sent the plane back to get 30 trained medical specialists. There, the group will split up and work to evacuate hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities and get patients onto military planes, where they will be taken care of.

"That there's an Oklahoma standard, and to be able to be ready and share some of that Oklahoma standard with our brothers and sisters in the south is something we're all looking forward to doing," said Col. Keith Reed, the Commander of the 137th Special Operations Medical Group. The plan is to take the patients to many hospitals in northern Texas, but officials say some will end up going out of state as well.

Centerpoint Energy in Lawton sent some crew members down to areas hit by Harvey this morning. They left from their headquarters on Southwest H Avenue this morning around 8:00.

The Oklahoma Wing of Civil Air Patrol (CAP), the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary, is providing assistance to the Texas Wing in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. One of Oklahoma Wing's Cessna 182 aircraft will depart Tulsa Thursday morning for San Marcos, Texas.

"This is exactly what we train for," said CAP Colonel David L. Roberts, Oklahoma Wing commander. "We have all seen the media coverage of the wide-spread devastation that Harvey has caused and we stand ready to provide additional support, if and when we are called upon."

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