Lawton woman taking supplies to Baytown

Lawton woman taking supplies to Baytown
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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-A Lawton woman is renting a U-Haul, collecting items, and taking them to Baytown, just to the east of Houston.

Jennifer Johnson said seeing the aftermath of Harvey inspired her to do something. Her brother and his family live in Baytown.
She is collecting cases of water, medical supplies, and toiletries.

She will be at The Domino's Pizza on Gore near Fort Sill Boulevard on Saturday, where she will be trying to fill up a truck.

She will be there from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.  collecting items like toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, new sheets, towels, and wash cloths.

"About 4:30 am in the morning I was wakened up by my brother who lives in Baytown, Texas with his house being flooded and just in a matter of hours his house was emerged in water and so my initial thought was I need to help my brother and you know what I thought I need to take a truck down and I need to help the whole town of Baytown as much as I can," said Johnson.

On Monday, she made flyers, posting them to Facebook, and passed them out around town. She is overwhelmed by the support.

"I've been getting phone calls, I've been getting messages. My phone number is listed so they have been calling my phone. I have been picking up water. I have more to pick up in the next couple of days. I had different companies say they will help," said Johnson.

She rented a U-Haul and took off work for the rest of the week. Already, she's gathered 15 cases of water, and boxes of diapers.

"First off I want to say Thank you to those who are already reaching out. There are other areas that are being affected such as Baytown that I don't think is going to get missed completely but they need just as much help right now as Houston is getting there help," said Johnson.

Johnson said this is a time for people in Lawton to come together and help families who really need it.

'It's one thing for us to go to Walmart and complain and stand in line because we have to stand in line. it's another thing for these families to lose their home, vehicles, be out of jobs for days, and then go have to stand in line again just to get food or clothing or dog food or anything we take from granted when we go stand in line at Walmart," said Johnson.

Jennifer said she is not collecting is clothes. Right now, evacuated families don't have a way to store them.

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