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Lawton FFA students taking ag supplies to south Texas

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) – Lawton FFA students are doing their part to get the lives of farmers and ranchers in South Texas back on track.

We've seen the damage from Hurricane Harvey but the damage extends far outside Houston city limits. Several communities focused solely on farming and agriculture suffered crippling losses as well.

Fences have been pushed down, feed and hay have been washed away and, in some cases, family's livelihoods have been threatened as they try to simply keep their animals alive.

When students with Lawton F-F-A saw the destruction on TV, they were heartbroken for the families affected.

"It's sad. I saw some people it was in between saving their children and themselves and animals. It's very sad,” said Lawton MacArthur High School Senior Mitchell Battise.

"It's heartbreaking. I know people now are still recovering from Hurricane Katrina, as long ago as that was. This is going to have a huge impact,” said Lawton Eisenhower High School Junior Gabby Barber.

Help is on the way from people across the country, but the students wanted to make sure the agriculture community was not overlooked.

"Make sure their livestock is alright, make sure their crops are doing OK, make sure they're doing fine,” Battise said.

"Texas has such a huge impact on the economy with the oil and cotton fields they have, a lot of those places are completely leveled and there's nothing there,” Barber said.

The students are collecting donations they will be taking to the farmers and ranchers who are struggling in South Texas. They are asking for animal feed, hay, fencing, buckets, shovels and anything that farmers and ranchers need.

"It's our job to help those in need. Especially when we come together as an FFA, it's a kind of family. You just don't want to see them hurt. It's our duty to help as much as we can,” Barber said.

Any large agricultural items like bales of hay can be dropped at the school farm on 19th and Lee. Smaller items can be taken to any of the three high schools.

The fundraiser will continue until September 8th. On the morning of September 9th, the Ag teachers will be delivering the items to an FFA chapter at a school in south Texas who will take them to the farmers and ranchers in need.

There has already been a large outpouring of support for the donation drive. Local businesses have offered supplies and trailers to transport the donations to south Texas.

Several other FFA chapters outside of Lawton have also joined in on the fundraising, including the programs in Walters, Big Pasture, Sentinel and Binger-Oney. 

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