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Plans proposed for new EMS building

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - The Lawton School Board is considering a bond issue to build a new Eisenhower Middle School.

The plans were presented to board members during a special meeting earlier this week, and on Sept. 5, they'll vote on whether to move forward with the plan.

Eisenhower Middle School principal Beverly Mattingly said they’re looking into building a new school, because they were told two years ago that the building wasn't worth upgrading and would only be safe for three to five years.

Walking through the school, one can see cracks in the floors and walls, along with warping floors — but as Mattingly explained, the problems go beyond those issues.

"There are some rooms where you can literally see from one room to the other,” she said. “When it rains we have 50-gallon buckets all over the place catching water. It's just becoming where it's not safe for our students or faculty."

Mattingly said that if the new middle school isn't built, students across Lawton could be impacted.

"We would end up combining with Tomlinson, combining with Central, combining with Macarthur,” She said. “So, all three would be affected if they don't replace us."

The replacement school would be funded through a ten-year bond issue which would raise property taxes. It would be built within walking distance of where the school currently sits.

"Between us and the high school on the practice field there's a flat area it would face the north and there would be a bus ramp between us and the high school and then parent driving on the west," Mattingly said.

She said the new school would be smaller but better hold some 900 students.

"They would add a safe room on the lower floor big enough for all the students and faculty," she said.

The school official hopes to see the plans approved and the bond passed.

"It would be a great thing for our students and our faculty and our community,” Mattingly said. “Not just the west side but the entire Lawton community."

The Lawton Public School Board of Education will decide if they want to move forward with the bond at Tuesday's meeting. 

If approved, it could be on the November ballot.

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