Some City of Lawton services restores, computers remain down in other departments

Some City of Lawton services restores, computers remain down in other departments

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- The City of Lawton says the computer network in the revenue service and human resource departments are up in running. They are fully operational today and able to resume utility billing services, payments, and employee payroll operations.

Citizens no longer need hard copies of utility bills to make on-site payments and all City employees will receive checks on Friday. 

Oklahoma Cyber Security is currently working to assess, investigate and remedy the issues caused by the digital virus.

Other services remain impacted. City officials still recommend phoning ahead prior to site visits at this time.

Phone Listing

Administrative Services Director Tony Griffith: 580.581.3367

Assistant City Manager Bart Hadley: 580.581.3301

City Attorney Frank Jensen: 580.581.3320

City Clerk Traci Hushbeck: 580.581.3307

City Manager Jerry Ihler: 580.581.3301 

Community Relations Director Tiffany Martinez Vrska: 580.581.3301

Community Services Director Richard Rigolski: 580.581.3375

Engineering Director George Hennessee: 580.581.3369

Field Utilities Director Rusty Whisenhunt: 580.581.3324

Finance Director JI Johnson: 580.581.3329

Fire Chief Dewayne Burk: 580.581.3280

Human Resources Director Chase Massie: 580.581.3395

Information Technology Supervisor Cindy Price: 580.581.3338

Library Director Kristin Herr: 580.581.3450

Municipal Court: 580.581.3265

Parks & Recreation Director Jack Hanna: 580.581.3400

Police Chief James Smith: 580.581.3200

Public Works Director Larry Walcott: 580.581.3410

Water/Wastewater Director AJ Jabbar: 580.581.3410

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