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Area residents are concerned about condition of pet cemetery

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COMANCHE COUNTY, OK (KSWO) - A final resting place for pets has fallen into disrepair.

Pet owners said the overgrown grass at Pet Memorial Cemetery off State Highway 49 has grown up to knee-height, and is now covering headstones.

Area resident Ron Kirby said he doesn't visit his two pets anymore, because he's worried about snakes in the grass.

"Those pets were members of our family and they've lived with us for years and years," Ron Kirby said.

Kirby said he wanted his pets buried near each other, but now it's getting harder to find their gravestones  – in addition to the difficulty in seeing the cemetery from the road.
"It's really frustrating when you drive by and you know that part of your family or your pets are buried out here but the cemetery isn't taken care of," Kirby said.

He said he and his wife used to bring flowers, but they've stopped coming because the grass is overgrown.

Kirby believes the problem started about six months ago when the previous owner's health declined. The owner passed away and was taken over by somebody else. 

"We've called the owners now and sometimes they return the calls, sometimes they don't but we'd just to know what the status of the cemetery will be," he said.

The current owner said the cemetery was in rough condition when she received it, and she hasn't been able to take care of it due to family emergencies. She knows it needs to be mowed but doesn't know when that will happen. She has even considered shutting it down.

Kirby disapproved of the idea of a shutdown, saying that wouldn't be an option for any other cemetery. He said the animals buried here may be pets to other people, but to him, they're family. 

"We have them in our homes," he said. "We love them to death, obviously or we wouldn't have them and to see them in a final resting place so grown up like it would be in the woods, in the wild woods, it just kinda leaves your heart empty."

Kirby said he has no problem donating money to get the cemetery back to where it needs to be.

The owner said they're going to post no trespassing signs until the property is mowed.

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