Lawtonians take truck full of donations to Houston

Lawtonians take truck full of donations to Houston

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-A Uhaul full of water, cleaning supplies and food is on the way to those in need in Houston, thanks to the Lawton community.

As we told you earlier, Jennifer Johnson, A Lawton resident helped organize this whole thing. She wanted to do her part in helping everyone, including her family and friends in Houston.

The Lawton Veterans Center also took part in helping donate over 400 cases of water. Over 40 employees and residents pitched in to help pay for the water.

Jay Grundman from the Vets Center also has family in Houston. He's happy he can help make a difference in the lives of those who have lost everything in the hurricane.

"I know every one of us here are overjoyed and are super glad that we can help," said Grundman. "There's people I know that have had people down there. I know my family is down there and they survived this mess. I'm glad that we were privileged to be able to send water to them, to all of them because they all need something to drink, not swim in."

Johnson says it's been amazing to see so many people from all over Southwest Oklahoma come together for such a good cause.

"It doesn't matter the race or religion, where you're from or who you are," said Johnson. "Everyone is just coming together and showing their love and support for so many strangers that have just been devastated by this."

Johnson would also like to thank everyone who helped make all this possible. She is taking all of the donations to a Baptist Church in Baytown, just South of Houston.

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