Marlow business heads to Texas with hurricane relief supplies

Marlow business heads to Texas with hurricane relief supplies

MARLOW, OK (KSWO) – Workers at Glover Paint and Body in Marlow left Friday morning to take supplies down to South Texas for Hurricane Harvey victims and rescue workers. Glover Paint and Body's Secretary Valarie Terbush said they have 7 pallets of water, The Miranda Lambert Foundation donated dog food, and fences. The Oklahoma Pest Control Services even dropped off supplies.

This all started Tuesday morning after Terbush went to her boss and told him she wanted to do something.
Her boss, Justin Glover, got on board and bought 85 cases of water. From there the donations grew!

Terbush said she can't thank everyone enough for their support.

"I just appreciate everybody for all their help," Terbush said. "You guys have been amazing. With everything you have brought to us, it will make a dent in what they have there. It will be amazing and thank you so much."

Before leaving, they held hands and prayed for safe travels. Terbush said it will take about 8 hours to get to Katy, Texas. They will drop the supplies off at a local church.

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