Oklahoma Game Wardens remind dove hunters of regulations and safety

Oklahoma Game Wardens remind dove hunters of regulations and safety

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -Dove hunters are out this labor day opening weekend enjoying not only free hunting days, but taking home some dinner.

Free hunting days usually happens once a year. It's the only time when the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife allows in state residents to dove hunt without a license or Harvest Information Permit. And, Sunday is the last day of the free hunting weekend.

Oklahoma Game Wardens want to remind hunters of regulations before heading out to the fields this season.

Oklahoma has some of the best dove, deer and turkey hunting across the country, but Oklahoma Game Wardens like Chris Stover want to make sure everyone stays safe.

"You can shoot 30 minutes prior to sunrise and up until sunset," said Stover. "Based upon where you are, the time zone on the sunrise, sunset table, it's going to vary by minutes."

There's also 15 dove limit per person in Oklahoma. He says there's a lot of different rules and regulations that change each year, so it's important to find them on your phone or get the regulations book.

"You can also get our pocket ranger app and that gives constant updates to the rules and regulations for any season, Hunting or fishing and specific areas, things like that," said Stover.

Stover says they they will be out patrolling and watching for anything suspicious this season. He says if you see a Game Warden approaching you, unload your gun and set it down.

"We're going to check your guns," said Stover. "We're going to check for plugs, we're going to check your dove numbers, what you have in your bag,"

Stover hopes everyone will take advantage and enjoy connecting with the outdoors, harvesting your own meat and having fun.

"We want people to go out and enjoy the outdoors and enjoy all the seasons if they can," said Stover. "Dove season is a pretty fun season. You don't have to sit there and be too quiet."

Dove season runs until October 31st and then again from December 1st until December 29th.

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