PART ONE: Ward 8 City Council preview

PART ONE: Ward 8 City Council preview
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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Residents in Ward 8 have four people they can vote for when they go to the polls.

Those candidates are Jo Peters, Randy Warren, Tom Leon and incumbent Doug Wells. In part one of the two part preview, we talked to Doug Wells and Jo Peters.

The representative for Ward 8 votes on behalf of residents from 52nd street to 67th street from Lee to Rogers Lane. For the past nine years, Wells has held that position, and he said he would like to see his work pay off.

"There are programs that we started like the public safety facility, the road programs that I'd like to stay around and see them started and completed," he said. "I worked hard on those and I'd like to see the completion of them."

Wells first came to Lawton when he was stationed at Fort Sill. Though he later moved to other posts, Wells returned to Lawton after his retirement. He then worked for the City of Lawton for 25 years before becoming a council representative.

Also vying for the council position, Jo Peters is a Lawton native who graduated from Lawton High and went to Cameron University. Peters said she decided to run after being asked to for years.

"When I began to talk to people about it I realized there were concerns and they were the same concerns I had in the community so I thought I might be a fresh outlook," she said.

When it comes to their primary goals, Peters and Wells are on the same page:

"Unless we get the budget under control, we have at some point in the future you're going to have to raise sales taxes or have massive layoffs. It would be better to get control of that a little bit at a time like we did the last four years," Wells said.

"Fixing the budget, going over the budget and seeing what we can fix to where we're not spending and putting our money in the wrong places and put our money into areas that matter to the everyday citizen. You know, just fixing the budget," Peters said.

Wells said he's done what Ward 8 residents want, while Peters said she wants to offer them something different.

"I worked on their problems and in most cases, we got it solved to their satisfaction and I will continue doing that," Wells said. "I'm there to represent the ward. I don't have any hidden agenda because I'm not employed, I don't have to report to anybody. I'm doing what's best for the ward and the city."
"If you want the same thing over and over like you've had in the past years then pick one of the other candidates but if you want a new outlook, a new set of eyes, a new set of ears and you want something different then lets go a different route, let's do something different," Peters said. "They say insanity is doing something over and over again expecting a different outcome. If you want a new outcome you have to do something new."

Early voting starts Thursday and the election is on September 12th.

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