Help local nonprofit provide essential services through Texoma Gives

Help local nonprofit provide essential services through Texoma Gives

OK (KSWO)- "Texoma Gives" is in the home stretch of a day long fundraising drive. Non-profit organizations in Comanche and Stephens County are spreading the word on social media about what they do for the community.

Today, they hit Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to collect money so they can keep up their important work.

Lawton Community Theater is the home base for today's fundraiser. It's one of the many arts organizations taking part in "Texoma Gives". Supporters of 19 nonprofits have been here all day posting on social media, having giveaways, cooking hot dogs, all for the comradery and some good natured competition.

Organizers of "Texoma Gives" want to teach nonprofits the importance of fundraising through social media. They've set up a special website so each organization can solicit donations that people can make right from their phone or lap top, without having to write a check or drop off cash.

Groups who help those in need in our area, like the United Way, Goodwill, and Habitat for Humanity took part today. So did several arts organizations like the Lawton Community Theater, Arts For All, and The Lawton Philharmonic Orchestra.

"It gives the community able to have a sense of what these communities have, what the nonprofits do for the community and non-profit lives and dies by its donations and support from the public," explained Executive Director Lawton Philharmonic Patty Neuwirth.

Nineteen nonprofits are asking for online donations today, just in southwest Oklahoma. Organizations in North Texas are also taking part in "Texoma Gives."
If you'd like to contribute, log on to You can pick any organization you'd like to give to.

Today's goal is to raise $1-million combined for 200 nonprofit organizations in 11 counties.

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