PART TWO: City Council Ward 8 preview

PART TWO: City Council Ward 8 preview
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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - On Thursday, in Part two of our Ward 8 City Council preview, we met Randy Warren and Tom Leon before the next City Council election that is less than a week away. Warren and Leon are also running against Jo Peters and incumbent Doug Wells in the Ward 8 Race.

20 years ago Randy Warren served as the councilman of Ward 8 for ten years. He says he now wants to reclaim that position

"We need to make some changes. Every year we lose more and more water accounts, and the only solution to that is to bring people to Lawton, and the way to bring people to Lawton is jobs."

Warren has lived in Lawton for over 40 years. He went to Eisenhower Highschool and attended Cameron University. He now runs a family business.

Tom Leon also served as City Councilman in Lawton. He served as the councilman of Ward 4 for two years back in the 90's. He said accomplished things with the city back then and believes he can do it again while representing Ward 8.

"I'm a citizen's people. I'm not running for, I don't have nobody to run my campaign. I'm running my campaign, and I just want to make Lawton a lot better."

The military brought Leon to Lawton more than 50 years ago. After multiple tours overseas and getting stationed in other places he and his family came back to Lawton.

When it comes to working out the city's budget, they agree a better method is needed.

"Currently it's kinda done behind closed doors. Management builds the budget, brings it out, the council votes on it and then it goes away. Back in the day, we took individual activity by activity."

Leon would like to see more businesses.

"I'd like to get some industry into Lawton. We have a chamber of commerce, and we have economic development, and we need to talk and get them people talking to trying to get some industry in here. Some big businesses and stuff."

Warren and Leon voiced the reason why they feel they are the best candidate for the job.

"Just recently the representative for this Ward voted against the sidewalk against 53rd street and then voted for a sidewalk and a bridge over Interstate-44. Interstate-44 doesn't serve this ward, 53rd street does."

"If they feel I'm the right man to lead them and show them that we can make it a little bit better. I have a lot of time. I'm retired. I could go 24/7 sometimes I don't sleep at night. I could be out riding my ward to see what's going on."

The election for the city council wards 6,7 and 8 are on September 12th.

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