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Goodyear versus All-Army Softball games

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Fifteen of the best softball players in the Army were in Lawton Thursday, playing two games against players from Goodyear.

The games will help the All-Army team prepare for a tournament against the other branches of the military. 

The All-Army team has won the tournament five years in a row and played have been playing games like the ones Thursday night in hopes of winning it for a sixth time.

Staff Sergeant Leonardo Aviles is on the team and is currently stationed at Fort Sill. He says these warm up games are very important.

"Every game is a preparation. Its very important we go out there and play how we normally play when we play against other branches. Not to take any nights or days off that's when you can lose games," Aviles said. "We have to work on the chemistry, we just got the team together this week so for us to build and come together as one is what makes it really possible when we really go down to play armed forces, to have a good team, a solid team and compete."

Aviles says last year when they played here in Lawton he was stationed in Alaska. He says it's nice to be able to live just right up the road from where the games are. 

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