Lamb shares his plan to renew Oklahoma

Lamb shares his plan to renew Oklahoma

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb stopped by 7 News the week of August 29th to talk about his vision for the state of Oklahoma.

In April, he filed paperwork indicating his plan to run for governor in 2018.

As a conservative leader, he believes it is time to renew Oklahoma and said he can do just that in five steps.

"The vision I have for Oklahoma is to reform and restructure state government, education priority, infrastructure, economic diversity and making Oklahoma work again, said Lamb.

Those are the key areas Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb said are necessary to bring about significant change to the state of Oklahoma.

After speaking about his background as a secret service agent, six years in the state senate and two terms as lieutenant governor, he spoke about the last legislative session.

"I stood up to the governor and said no to new taxes, particularly those taxes passed on to our family and all businesses,
said Lamb. I said no that's not the right direction for Oklahoma."

To move forward, his plan is to reform the state budget system.

He says last year the government dealt with 878 million less revenue than the previous year and hopes to change how the money is being spent in Oklahoma.

"I think there are some reforms that can be done in state government particularly with those incentives I mentioned earlier and find any revenue needed to make sure our core functions of government are funded properly,
said Lamb.

He also spoke about increasing teacher pay and the education system.

"It's long overdue, but in addition to that I want to make sure we have some additional reforms to education,
said Lamb. I think the minimum of 65 percent of the appropriated dollars should go inside the classroom and a reading proficiency and math proficiency for younger grades."

He said his promise is to take the initiative to first listen then lead.

Which is what he believes will get him to the point of becoming state governor.

"I am a proven conservative leader,
said Lamb. I have been throughout my career. That's how Ill be a governor, a proven conservative leader. As governor, I want to start talking about how Oklahoma will look in 15 to 20 years."

For more information on Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb or questions about his campaign you can visit his website at

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