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Former Lawton radio personality rides out Hurricane Irma in Orlando

(Source ABC News) (Source ABC News)

ORLANDO, FL (KSWO)- A former Lawton resident is experiencing the devastation of Hurricane Irma first-hand. Dennis Beasley, who lived and worked in Lawton for several years as a radio personality, called KSWO 7News this morning.

He now says he's living about 40 miles north of Orlando. Last night, he witnessed the eye of the storm pass right over his neighborhood.

He describes the damage it left behind:

“There is a lot of debris but basically where we're at is vegetation in my neighborhood. There was one tree that fell into basically into the street. It didn't hit anything but the ground. It missed a neighbor's carport. There is some wind damage but it is minor compared to some other areas,”

Beasley says he is ecstatic that he and his family are okay and that they only suffered minimal damage. He plans to start cleaning up later this week.

We asked him how the hurricane compared to tornadoes he experienced while in Oklahoma. He tells us hurricanes are much more predictable.

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