New Lawton City Council winners plan for change

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Big changes are coming to the Lawton City Council soon.
That's after two incumbents were defeated in Tuesday's election.

Sean Fortenbaugh won the council seat in Ward 6 beating Cherry Phillips and Onreka Johnson claimed victory in Ward 7 beating out V. Gay McGahee.

Meanwhile, incumbent Doug Wells is heading to a runoff in Ward 8 after he and his three challengers failed to get 50-percent of the vote.

"All the people that got out and voted clearly shows they want to change some things in the town,” said Fortenbaugh.

“Getting some fresh people in there, some new thoughts, different ways to look at things I think is a great way to start,” said Johnson.

Following the election, Sean Fortenbaugh and Onreka Johnson both agree it's time to hit the ground running on revamping Lawton.

"When I was out there knocking on doors and having conversations with people and being personal face to face, there were a lot of concerns,” said Johnson.

She said most of those concerns stemmed around the city's budget, primarily to fund road repairs.

However, Fortenbaugh said that's not the only change.

"Take care of getting jobs into the city, and to fix the infrastructure,” said Fortenbaugh. “We talk about that a lot but I'd like to actually see some roads getting replaced, repaired and those things we always talk about."

Which is what Ward 8 front runner Randy Warren said is also his vision for the city.

While he got the most votes in his four-way race last night, he's heading to a runoff with current council member Doug Wells.

Warren wants to make public safety and public works a priority in the city's budget.

"The citizens would like to see each department discussed and each activity in each department,” said Warren. “That's the only way you can decide what needs to be funded and what doesn't."

Warren said he's confident about his next election against Doug Wells in November and even more enthused about most of the voter’s choice this year.

"I think they feel there is a better way to do some of these things and they don't feel like possibly the incumbents have facilitated that,”
said Warren.

Councilman Doug Wells runoff election against Randy Warren will take place in November.

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