Rumble strips coming to center line

Rumble strips coming to center line

COMANCHE CO, OK (KSWO) - The Oklahoma Department of Transportation is adding center line rumble strips to some two-lane highways across the state.

ODOT is planning to add some in Comanche County, to Highway 62 from I-44 to the Porter Hill intersection and on highway 277 from the Porter Hill intersection to I-44.

Division 7 construction engineer for ODOT Cole Vonfeldt believes it will make a big difference, especially in alerting distracted drivers.

"By installing these it gives an audio and a sensory vibration so it kinda cues them to know something is up and gets their eyes on the road," Vonfeldt said.

ODOT says from 2013-2015 Oklahoma had 229 fatalities on undivided rural highways.

State Trooper Allen Monroe said two lane highways can be dangerous, because they ask drivers to trust oncoming traffic to pay attention. He's glad to see center line rumble strips come to Oklahoma highways.

"It will definitely help in accidents and hopefully reduce our fatalities just on minor injuries and just accidents period," Monroe said.

Vonfeldt said the number of crashes is high in the state and this should reduce them. They've looked at another state who added them and it reduced fatal accidents in that state by 51%.

"If we can prevent one," Vonfeldt said. "We've had success with the cable barriers for crossovers in divided highways lane and now we can try and focus on the undivided highways for cross over accidents."

This is the first center line rumble strips to come to the Comanche County area. Vonfeldt said they hope to have the strips finished by late winter or early spring.

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