Comanche County to provide hurricane relief

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Comanche County Emergency Management is teaming up with local volunteer firefighters, businesses, the city of Lawton and Walmart to host a drive to collect donations for hurricane Harvey victims this Saturday.

They decided to have this drive when residents started asking where they could donate to hurricane Harvey victims.

Deputy Director at Comanche County Emergency Management Chloe Lewis said this is an opportunity to pay it forward after receiving help here in Oklahoma from others after floods and other natural disasters.

"It's just a really long process and they sit there years later and realize that they don't have pictures of family members that ended up in there so it's a constant reminder throughout the rest of their life that oh yeah that was in the flood so it's a really hard time for them."

Sherely Grubbs with the City of Lawton said one thing people sometimes forget is that the hurricane hitting is just the beginning for the Hurricane Harvey victims. Some are still staying in shelters unable to get back to their homes.

"Their lives aren't going to be normal or what they want them to be for a long time and so it's kinda impactful to kind of watch the beginning of devastation. For us, we kinda go back to normal so quickly but for them, this is going to be a long time coming."

That is why multiple agencies in Comanche County are working together trying to collect supplies to help those whose lives are forever changed.

"I'm hoping that people down there can see that there is a whole country that cares about them and it's not just their problem."

If you'd like to donate they'll have semi-trailers located at Walmart on Sheridan and Quanah Parker Trailway and at Cache Road Square from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday. They're not taking donations after them because they're planning to send the items on Monday.

For a list of donations, they're requesting click here.

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