7News Editorial: American Spirit

7News Editorial: American Spirit

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- The past couple weeks we have seen tremendous devastation from two hurricanes that hit the Southern United States.

It's hard to watch and think about the challenges and struggles our fellow Americans are facing in those impacted areas. Some losing everything, some losing loved ones, and other ones left to rebuild with no insurance.

There is one positive that comes from such a catastrophe. It is that, Again, we as Americans, unite and see everyone the same. We are Americans helping other Americans regardless of their party affiliation, religion, skin color, country of origin, relationship, etc.

This was a country created on a capitalistic system which has proven to be extremely successful at making us a world leader and dramatically increasing our standard of living. That system, however, sometimes leads us all to focus inwardly.

When we pull together and start giving to one another, we get a greater sense of true joy unlike when we focus on ourselves. Imagine what we could have in this country if we had this same spirit of giving with the simple act of helping other Americans in need every day of the year.

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