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Cops and Kids picnic brings many visitors

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Lawton police department showcased the unity between law enforcement and the community Saturday at the annual Cops and Kids Picnic.

"We're part of the community, said Sergeant David Schucker, Lawton Police Department. We are not just here to enforce the law. We are part of the community."

David Schucker was just one of many police officers and families who came out to enjoy the festivities at the picnic.

However, he said while having fun he remembered the importance of the day--- to bridge the gap between the community and police officers.

"In today's climate I think there is some animosity between the community and the police officers because of a select few incidents,
said David. And overall, I think we want the community to know that we are not those guys."

The event offered a special time for kids to interact with police officers outside of their daily duties.

Numerous fun activities were set up for kids to enjoy including riding in police cars, learning to turn on sirens, K9 demonstrations and more.

s wife Sue Shucker said that was her hope for the day, for everyone to build a relationship with those who protect and serve.

"Being married to an officer of thirty-one years, the system has just changed, the community has changed,
said Sue. If you look around you see everybody mingling with the officers. It's just huge."

She said while it was a no-brainer to come out to the event for another year and support her husband, this time she's recognized how far they've truly come.

"A lot of people think officers think they are up here and they are different and they are not,
said Sue. And coming out here they are bending down to the kids and playing with the kids. They realize they are just like everybody else."

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