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YOU’RE INVITED: Watch “The Vietnam War” film at Lawton Red River Vet Center

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- The Lawton Red River Vet Center is hosting a special week of viewings of the movie 'The Vietnam War" The center is screening the film for Vietnam veterans, their families, and the greater Lawton community.

The film dives deep into the personal, social and political issues of the Vietnam War. Officials hope the screenings will serve as a springboard to help veterans work through any lingering issues -- such as PTSD.

But the screening isn't just for the veterans' benefit -- the center has opened screenings up to the community because they believe that educating the public on what the veterans go through will give them the understanding to better help those same vets.

"Getting a system, the system being those that are around the veteran, to be able to deal with and assist that veteran in adjusting back to the civilian community, and the more that the system understands, that the support system understands, what's going on with them, the better off that veteran will be in his adjustment process,” explained re-adjustment specialist Kenneth Harris.

The Center will be screening the film every day until next Thursday, starting at noon each day.

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