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Veterans in Marlow received services from Veterans Corner, Mobile Vet Center, Clear Captions

MARLOW, OK (KSWO)- Veterans Corner and the Mobile Vet Center stopped by to help Veterans in Marlow today.

Several services were offered for veterans and their spouses including counseling, help filing benefit claims, and the 'Clear Captions' program which helps connect hearing-impaired veterans with special display phones.

Board President Alfred Hollis said it is important that they get the help they deserve.

“Veterans corner is an organization of veterans helping veterans and that’s why we spread out so wide just to help the veterans to make sure they get their entitlement. This is not charity, this is not welfare. This is entitlements veterans are entitled to have once they get out.”

If you think Veterans Corner can help you or someone you know, you can give them a call at 405-387-5070.

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