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Key witness testifies in Copeland trial

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A heated day at the Comanche County Courthouse as the state’s key witnesses testified in the trial of Victor Copeland.

Copeland is charged in connection with a shooting in 2014 that sent two brothers to the hospital. One of those brothers, Allen Anderson, died from his injuries.

The other brother, Robert Anderson, took the stand this afternoon to be questioned by attorneys for both sides.Anderson was the first and only witness called today by the state. He walked jurors through what he said happened on the day Victor Copeland shot him.

Anderson testified that he knew Victor Copeland because they were in the same gang. He said on September 18th, 2014 he went to his ex-girlfriend’s house to buy weed from Copeland.

While he was trying to leave, he said his ex-girlfriend slapped him so he slapped her back. He said everyone in the home, Copeland included, tried to grab him so he forced his way out to his car and drove away.

He said Copeland called him several times asking him to come back, smoke weed and talk about what happened. He said he had his brother Allen pick him up to drive him back to the house. When they got there, he saw two guys he didn’t know with Copeland. He said when they started talking, Copeland stepped back and started shooting at him, so he turned and ran away.  He said that's when he saw Copeland and the two other people chasing his brother.

In cross-examination, the defense focused heavily on Anderson’s story. They said it differed from what he told police in his initial interview. The defense attorney said Robert lied several times to police and asked him if the story he told police was the truth or if the story he told today was true.

Robert said he didn’t remember telling police a different story but said any lies he told them were before he found out his brother had been killed.

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