Lawton resident from Puerto Rico concerned about family in Hurricane

Lawton resident from Puerto Rico concerned about family in Hurricane
[Source KSWO]
[Source KSWO]

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Hurricane Maria is lashing Puerto Rico with devastating winds.

And it's causing concern for a Lawton resident who has family there.

Roberto Peralta said his brother called him at three Wednesday morning.

He said he could hear the fear in his brother's voice right before they lost connection.

Wednesday, the entire island is without power.

"He was scared,” said Peralta. “We said our prayers and he said God help us."

That was the last time Peralta heard from his brother.

He said the worst part is not knowing what's going on.

Peralta grew up in Puerto Rico--and said the military brought him to the Fort Sill.

He said he went back to Puerto Rico in May after their mother passed away.

Now, his brother and sister are hunkered down in their family home.

"Everything is pretty much secured, but what wasn't even what was tied down the 175-mph wind he said it was no match,” said Peralta. “Ripping people aluminum roofs and things that weren't intact were like flying missiles."

Peralta's brother said the damage is unlike anything he's ever seen.  

"I've been knowing my brother for 53 years,” said Peralta. “Never knew him that scared and he was very scared. And I just gave him some positive vibes and tell him to hang tight and you'll be okay."

He said for now he'll hang onto his brothers last text message until he hears back again and remain strong for his hometown.

"We Puerto Ricans are resourceful and resilient people,” said Peralta. “Just like the people of Florida and Texas and even Oklahoma. We've all been through disasters. Puerto Rico will rebuild and be the paradise it once was."

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