More witnesses testify in Copeland trial

More witnesses testify in Copeland trial

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Emotional testimony in the Victor Copeland trial as the ex-girlfriend of one of the alleged victims took the stand.

There were several family members for both sides at the courthouse Wednesday and it was extremely emotional as Elizabeth Womack told jurors what happened on the day of the shooting. She was on the stand for more than three hours fielding questions from attorneys for both sides.

Elizabeth Womack said she was hanging out with Copeland at her mother's house when the victim, Robert Anderson came over to buy weed. She said as Robert was leaving they got into a slapping match and afterward Copeland called Robert and yelled at him.

She said later that day Copeland asked her to drive him to pick up two of his friends. She said she heard one of the friends ask Copeland "who is it" and heard Copeland tell him "when I go off, you go off"

When they got back to the house, she said Copeland and his two friends stayed outside. She said she saw Allen Anderson's car through the screen door and then heard gunshots so she hit the floor. She ran outside through the back door and saw Robert and his brother Allen lying on the ground. As she approached Robert, she said he was accusing her of setting him up.

In cross examination, the defense touched on several differences in Womack's testimony --saying she's changed her story since her first interview. Womack said she originally lied to police because she was scared Copeland would hurt her.

The jury also heard testimony from Michael Janssen, who lives across the street from where the shooting happened. He said he rushed outside after hearing gunshots and saw Copeland sitting in the driver's seat of a car.

He said another man he did not know was running to get into the passenger seat and pointed a gun at him. He said Copeland yelled something at the man, and they got in the car and drove away.

That's when he saw Robert Anderson driving very slowly down the street. He noticed Robert had been shot and pulled him out of the car. He said Robert kept saying he needed to find his brother, Allen who was sitting near the curb,

He said that both Robert and Allen told him that Victor Copeland shot them.

Michael Janssen's son Kevin Janssen told jurors that his dad came in and woke him up that night so he could go outside and help. While he was helping, he said Allen told him that Victor was the shooter.

Timothy Jenkins testified that he was the first officer on the scene and said when he got there he saw two men on the ground with gunshot wounds. He said when he first tried to talk to the men, Robert was being uncooperative and wasn't answering his questions. So, he went to talk to Allen who told him Copeland was the shooter. Another police detective testified and said that he saw Jenkins talking to Robert so he went to assist Allen first. He also said Allen told him Victor was the shooter.

Daniel Wall lives down the street from the shooting and said he heard what he thought were fireworks and yelling outside his house. He said he went outside and when he saw the Anderson's on the ground, he ran up to Allen to try to help him. He said Allen told him it was Copeland who shot him, but Wall told police on the scene that he thought Allen was drunk and it seemed like he was fidgety.

The defense raised the question that each of these people testified about Allen being shot by Copeland even though the evidence shows that the bullet used to kill Allen wasn't from Victor's gun and he hasn't been charged with Allen's murder.

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