Medal of Honor nominee has ties to Fort Sill and Lawton

Medal of Honor nominee has ties to Fort Sill and Lawton

WASHINGTON D.C. (KSWO)- President Trump is set to award our nation's highest military honor next month.  And, the recipient -- Army Captain Gary Rose -- has ties to Fort Sill.

Rose attended Field Artillery Officer Basic at Fort Sill in 1973.  Rose enlisted in the Army in 1967 as a Special Forces Medical Sergeant.

While here in Lawton, he got a Bachelor's degree in Education and Military Science from Cameron University. He then went on to get a Master's in communication from the University of Oklahoma.

In his military career, Rose served 3 tours overseas.

He's receiving the Medal of Honor for his exemplary service while in Laos in 1970. While there, Rose heroically put himself in the line of enemy fire in order to treat wounded soldiers, despite being injured himself.  He's credited with helping 60 to 70 injured soldiers and saving countless lives.

Rose retired from the Army in 1987 after earning more than 15 service awards. He went on to work in manufacturing. He retired permanently in 2010.

When Rose learned he was to receive the award, he called it a collective medal with the fellow men he served with. President Trump will present Captain Rose with the Medal of Honor on October 23rd at the White House.

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