Commanding General of Fort Sill expects growth

Commanding General of Fort Sill expects growth

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Commanding General Brian McKiernan delivered the state of Fort Sill address Friday at Cameron University.

More than 100 city leaders and community members came out to hear from General McKiernan on the future of Lawton Fort Sill.
He focused on the accomplishments over the last year and where Lawton Fort Sill is headed.
He also stated the drought in SW Oklahoma and fires forces is over.
He expects more troops and units to be here in the future.

"We've had about 15 years underinvestment in the fires force and this is the home for fires for the army so, you can imagine that may have a negative consequence,” said McKiernan.

McKiernan said now they are focused on growth in the fires force and committed to fixing those challenges that have happened over time.

"Fort Sill was supposed to divest this year of one brigade headquarters and two battalions dedicated to training our fires force,” said McKiernan.

He said to build that training a fires command for the core level of the army will be created as well as a division fire command to increase support for the division.

He said the post will also continue to partner with local schools to train students for future positions in the military.

"It shows the level of mutual commitment we have to enriching the lives and the education of our children and that is our future,” McKiernan.

He said the accomplishments Fort Sill has already made with help from the community will carry them into a brighter future.

"My hope is that we will keep pace with this and work closely with you,” said McKiernan.

General McKiernan also mentioned they are working on initiatives to strengthen the relationship with the community.
Starting by working on a process to streamline visitor passes to make it easier to get on post.

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