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Naturalization Ceremony kicks off International Festival

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - The 38th annual International Festival began with 18 people becoming U.S. citizens. This group whose people come from 11 different countries went through their naturalization ceremony at the start of the festival at Elmer Thomas Park.

Narayan and his wife Shaiala Thapa went through the process together. The Thapa's came to America 15 years ago from Nepal, and Narayan wants to continue at Cameron University as the Chair of Mathematics as a U.S. citizen.

"This is the place to achieve whatever dream you have,” Narayan said. “As I mentioned earlier my dream is to work from the field of mathematics. And all the resources and opportunities and the freedom and everything you need to accomplish your dream. It is here.”

His wife says their two kids, who both have degrees from OU, are already naturalized citizens.
She says she is glad the long process to become a citizen ends with this ceremony.

“I think it's really special that they {took} us on a ride in the bus, and brought us to the ceremony. I really feel happy, and I think they are making us feel special. And I do feel special," Shaiala said.

And the International Festival continues through weekend... It starts back up Saturday morning at 11 and then on Sunday at noon. It's free to attend. Just bring some cash for the food vendors!

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