Book swap draws crowd of young readers

Book swap draws crowd of young readers
[Source KSWO]
[Source KSWO]

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-Many Lawton children got a chance to spruce up their personal library on Saturday.

Success by 6, A Smart Start Oklahoma Community with United Way of Southwest Oklahoma and Lawton Public Library held a children's book swap.

Readers could bring new and used books to exchange for others that spark their interests.

"Just the promise of getting more books to read,” said Anna Rockwood, event attendee. “I've had so many books piled on my shelf that I finished and not want to read."

14-year-old Anna Rockwood was just one of many avid readers anxious to find a new novel at the book swap.

Anna said she was looking to add more fantasy books to her collection at home and was lucky to find a couple from her favorite genre.

"I found Mocking Jay from the Hunger Games series and a couple stories about colonial Boston and Connecticut,” said Anna. “So, that was cool."

She bought five books into swap out and said the event was a simple way to bring fun back into reading.

"It encourages people to read more,” said Anna. “If you don't have time to read you can still get more books and read on breaks or something. And it helps other young children who need to read."

Which is what Literacy Coordinator for Success by 6, Barbara Griffin said was their goal for the event ---to expand the minds of children.

"We need to get books in the hands of children,” said Griffin. “Yes, you can come to the library but you may not always be able to come to the library, but you can go to your bookshelf and get a book and read."

Anna says gaining new books at no cost was a no-brainer and sends a message to other teens like herself.

"There's a lot of benefits to getting from reading,” said Anna. “You can learn a lot of vocabulary, you can learn life lessons. There are many important reasons to read and it's a very good thing to do."


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