Visitors camp out at Comanche Nation Fair

Visitors camp out at Comanche Nation Fair
Comanche County, OK (KSWO)-The annual Comanche Nation Fair brought together tribes from across the country this weekend.
The three-day event featured a powwow of traditional dancing, food and plenty of fun activities.
Some guests even camped out while enjoying the festivities.
"It's being outside, being outdoors,” said Gordon White-Wolf, camper. “Being in nature, seeing the mountains what they mean to us. The culture itself. The feeling itself."
White-Wolf said he and his family have been camping out at the Comanche Nation Fair for over 20 years now.
He took over their camping area from his sister who passed from cancer.
Each year nearly thirty of his family members travel from across the U.S. to visit the fair for one reason.
“Just being with family here because we all live in different places. We all come together,” said White-Wolf. “Spend time together, laugh, have a meal together."
White- Wolf said it’s also a time to teach the youth in his family about many of their traditions, such as setting up the tipi.
"It takes a good two or three individuals to put up the poles, put up the canvas,” said White-Wolf. “We get it up in about twenty minutes."
He said the tipi is just one of many ways they are proud to showcase their culture with others while at the fair.
However, he keeps in mind his first priority of the weekend--- bonding with family and passing along knowledge to his nieces and nephews.
"When its time as elders, the family to leave this world then they will have something that will anchor them to who they are, their identity,” said White-Wolf.
This year marked the 26th year for the Comanche Nation Fair.

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