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Bike ride added to Spirit of Survival

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Organizers are extending the 12th annual Spirit of Survival into a two-day event by adding a bike ride on Saturday.

The Cancer Centers of Southwest Oklahoma is managing the race this year, and they expect to have between three and four-hundred cyclists ride in one of the four biking events.

The longest route starts at Elmer Thomas Park and will go 64 miles all the way to Cyril and back.

 Lane Hooton with the cancer centers said he's excited about reaching more people by adding the bike ride.

"It's great to organize something and put it down first like the bike ride,” Hooton said. “What's the route going to be? What're some of the issues you're going to run into? things you gotta be careful of."

The group has been working on the ride since November, and since it’s their first ride, Friends of the Trails gave them advice on the course. 

Richard Rogalski is a volunteer helping with the bike ride and believes it is a great addition to the Spirit of Survival.

"There are some people that can't run, maybe their knees are hurting like I don't run well but I can bike ride and so it allows you to take part,” Rogalski said. “Basically, it broadens the amount of folks that take part in this great organization, this great run."

In the past, the Spirit of Survival has raised anywhere between 80 and 100-thousand dollars for the Cancer Centers. They hope to raise even more by adding the ride, but Hooton says it's about more than money.

"It's been proven time and time again, the more active you are, the less tendency you have to contract cancer,” Hooton said. “It's not 100% but it is one of those factors that's preventative for that."

Registration for the Spirit of Survival is still open. 

More information can be found here.

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