Red light to be added to 67th & Rogers Lane

Red light to be added to 67th & Rogers Lane

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A traffic light is set to be installed at the intersection of 67th and Rogers Lane in Lawton in the coming weeks.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation is installing the light on the City of Lawton's request. The move comes in response to the number of crashes over the years, including a fatal accident in 2016.

Multiple residents, including Chris Foster, said they've seen a lot of close calls on the intersection, and they believe it's a good idea to add the light.

"Especially with this area growing with the Movie Theater and on the weekends," Foster said. "I think it would be beneficial to put the lights there to assist in potentially stopping accidents."

Ward 6 City Council Member Cherry Phillips agrees the theater has increased traffic at the intersection.

"That does cause some traffic issues that we didn't have before and it's wonderful to have the new theater but then we got to have the infrastructure to accommodate that," Phillips said.

Phillips said she's talked to ODOT in the past about installing a stop light and is happy they've agreed to put one in. She said the most important thing is saving lives.

Sgt. Timothy Jenkins with the Lawton Police Department also believes the light will reduce wrecks there.

He said Rogers Lane is a big concern for the traffic division and they try to have officers patrolling the area but it's ultimately up to the drivers to do the right thing.

"A lot of times they see the cars coming but they don't realize the time and distance they have to make the turn so if we're about to get a light there to monitor the area for us it will help us out a lot," Jenkins said.

ODOT said pre-work begins on Sept. 28,  with the project formally starting Oct. 2. Contractors have 60 days to complete the project.

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