DOC enacts plan to reduce prison overpopulation

DOC enacts plan to reduce prison overpopulation

OK (KSWO)- The Oklahoma Department of Corrections is enacting a plan to reduce the state's over-capacity prison population.

Under the new plan, up to 1,400 prisoners in the state will be able to serve out the remainder of their sentences under community supervision -- meaning they stay at their homes, or in a halfway home.

Those slated for the program have 18 months or less left on their sentence. But many of them are also convicted of violent crimes like child abduction, accessory to murder and assault and battery.

That doesn't sit well with Representative Scott Biggs of Chickasha.

"It's absolutely insulting we have executives stand up here saying we support law enforcement all day long while they're trying to let out people who seek to do harm," Biggs says the plan jeopardizes public safety and is a slap in the face to victims across the state.

Rep. Biggs released the following statement regarding the proposal:

"The executive branch has now moved past playing political games and on to actually endangering the public. If we want to get nonviolent people out of prison and into a program that will help rehabilitate them, I am all for it, but this proposal does the opposite.

The DOC says the plan will go into effect in October and stresses that it is not an early release program for the prisoners will be finishing their sentences.

Oklahoma prisons are currently at 109 percent capacity with over 63,000 inmates currently housed.

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