Students locally and around the World gather for 25th annual 'See You At the Pole' Prayer

Students locally and around the World gather for 25th annual 'See You At the Pole' Prayer

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -Wednesday morning was full of prayer and fellowship for many students at schools across the country for national 'See you at the Pole Day' and students at Lawton's Central Middle school took part.

"Dear Father, Lord we are just so thankful for this flag and what it represents, Lord," said Central Middle Schools Fellowship of Christ Athletes sponsor, Jerry Slawson.

Slawson prayed over the students and read Hebrews 12 verse 2-4...this years bible verse for the event. He says the reading is about keeping your eyes on Jesus.

"It means a lot to pray with my friends and to be here," said Dallas Julian, student.

This morning's ceremony was moved inside to the auditorium because of the rain.

Julian, an 8th grade student at Central Middle School says this event is one of her favorites and FCA has made a huge impact on her life. Julian and her friend, Hailey Johnson say their faith is what keeps them grounded in life.

"It means a lot because it's just a part of me," said Johnson.

"It brings students together," said Slawson. "It's kind of a common goal to bring them together and also to let them know there are some people out there that supports them."

Slawson believes teaching the bible to his students and players is one of the main reasons he's seen so many grow up to be sports and in life.

"It's probably the number one reward being in education and this is my 33rd year to be in education, so when I go to like the coaches clinics and when I talk to fellow coaches, I'm really not talking to fellow coaches about sports, I'm talking to fellow coaches that I've coached before," said Slawson. "Seeing how they're doing, seeing the success they're having.

See You at the Pole has been going on for more than 25 years across the country and the World.

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