Eisenhower High selected for "Lead2Feed" Program

Eisenhower High selected for "Lead2Feed" Program

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-Eisenhower High School has been involved with "Lead2Feed" for the last 6 years. The program teaches students skills like time management and taking initiative while also giving them the opportunity to learn outside the classroom and meet their community's needs.

Students at Eishenhower High School are head over heels for the Lead2Feed Program.

"We get our whole group out and execute a plan, raise money and raise awareness because a lot of people don't know there is a lot of people who need help in Lawton," said Payne.

That's why students like Ashley Payne have a passion to give back to those in need. Last year they won a 20,000 dollar check through the Program and gave the money back to a local organizations.

"We donated it all to the Salvation Army, that's our goal that what we are here for. We just want to help them," said Payne.

They started the school year off raising over 700 dollars for Hurricane Harvey victims through their Miracle Minute Fundraiser.

"We do a massive school-wide collection when everyone stops what they are doing for 60 seconds and we do a donation with every faculty and student who can participate," said Churchwell.

Their teacher, Michelle Churchwell, said she's extremely proud.

"They show me everyday  that they are willing to learn and grow develop their talents and skills for good of course the skills will help them in their career but also want to use them in their community," said Churchwell.

10th grader Rajean Tate said growing up in a divided community inspired him to help others.

"When I found the opportunity to help out or give back to the community i decided hey I should do because it will help make my life better and other lives better," said Tate.

The student's goal  is to win another 20,000 to again give back to the community. A winner will be chosen in May.

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