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New group pushes for change in Duncan

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DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)-A group of young professionals met Thursday to discuss taking the city of Duncan to the next level.

The non-profit organization 'Inspire Duncan' is dedicated to creating a network of individuals to generate ideas and create opportunities for the city.

"It’s mainly giving that voice,” said Craig Chattmon, meeting attendee. “You can voice your concerns on things that you want to see done in your community. To inspire, engage and empower."

Duncan resident Craig Chattmon attended the Inspire Duncan meeting for the first time.

He said he wants to be more active in the community and as a pastor and manager he's noticed an opportunity to do that.

"The Douglass community, in that area the south side of town,” said Chattmon. “It's a pillar and it's not being used because it needs some repairs."

The gym at Douglass park has been around since the 1930's. It was part of the city's all-black school before the city integrated in 1968.

"I truly believe we need to get that community center moving,” said Chattmon. “For the youth it's an outlet that the youth can use."

Which is what Director of Community Development Nate Schact said is the change he's open to.

Schact said the city is already working on a block grant to remove blights and replace fire hydrants.

He also spoke about plans for the Heritage Trail Program and for beautifying the community.

He said meetings like Inspire Duncan and discussions with members like Chattmon is what  the community needs to bring about change.


"These are the future leaders of our community,” said Schact. “And to see them wanting to become engaged with what the community is doing, what their neighbors are doing. That's a huge step in the right direction and develop a long-lasting community."

The group meets twice a month and everyone is welcome to attend.

To find out where they meet you can visit their Facebook page.

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