City prepares time capsule

City prepares time capsule

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Preserving history that's what's being done by the City of Lawton by putting together a time capsule to bury at the new public safety facility.

The city says they've been working on this for over a year to give something for future generations to compare what Lawton is like now to what it will be like in 50 years in 2067 when it will be opened.

Tiffany Vrska with the City of Lawton said to their knowledge, this is the first-time capsule to be buried at a city project.

"I think that a lot of the entities that are contributing to this will still be here in 10, 20, 50 and 100 years and so we can kinda see where was the hospital at then and where is it at now," Vrska said. "Where is Goodyear at then and where is it at now?"

While the time capsule will preserve history it's also going to be at a special place.

"It will be on the front of the facility underneath the bell tower. The bell is historical. It's the first bell the police department ever had and the officers still ring in and out on it."

It will contain several items displaying what's going on in the area with magazines and brochures. This is the Public Safety Project Engineer Billy Tramel's favorite part.

"What were we doing in 2017? 50 years from now and it's interesting to see what business ideas we had, what was the technology at the time, what roads were the city experiencing during that time," Tramel said.

The 2017 Lawton-Fort Sill Economic Review and Forecast will be added to give insight on what's happening now.

While those items may be expected, there are also some items that are unique like a piece of a tire from Goodyear and a number of items from Cameron's Public Safety Department.

Tramel said 50 years from now people might see some neat and unusual things to them when they open the capsule.

"One of the things we teased about a little bit was putting a CD in there and see in 50 years if a CD or DVD is relevant anymore," he said.

The one item they couldn't forget was a map because 50 years from now the city could look completely different.

They'll bury the time capsule in a couple months when the construction crew is ready for it.

They're also putting together a second-time capsule that will have items from the police and fire departments along with other departments in the city. That one will be in a glass display and will be opened 25 years from now.

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