The Marlow Review celebrates 125 years

The Marlow Review celebrates 125 years
Contest winner Gracie Webb (Source KSWO)
Contest winner Gracie Webb (Source KSWO)

MARLOW, OK (KSWO) - A small-town newspaper celebrated 125 years in the business on Friday. The Marlow Review got the community involved in their celebration.

The Marlow Review has a special place in the hearts of the current residents and former residents with copies of the paper being sent all over the U.S.

The paper's editor Todd Brooks said the paper has a lot to be proud of.

"In that time of 125 years, the Marlow Review has published every week. Never missed a single week," Brooks said.

125 years is longer than Oklahoma has been a state. The Review's staff has pride in that accomplishment. They wanted to share the front page they put together with the community. They opened up a front page contest for the Marlow 5th graders.

Gracie Webb was the 1st place winner.

Her reason why DiCintio's Pizza made it to her front page?

"It was around lunch time, and I was hungry so I couldn't figure out what to do, and I just wrote out DiCintio's!" Webb said.

Those 125 years have been made official by Marlow Mayor Brad Boles, Oklahoma State Senator Paul Scott, and Governor Mary Fallin.

"In Oklahoma, that's a long time. Not a lot of people can say they've been around 125 years," Brooks said.

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