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Security experts provide tips on active shooter situation

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-What should you do if you or your family were at an event and someone started shooting?

Tim Noland, General Manager at Sergeants Security said it depends on your situation on how to prepare. The most important thing is always being aware of your surroundings and having a plan. Noland said in situations like Sunday's mass shooting the only thing people could do to protect themselves is run to a safe location or get down low and hide.

Whether you are at an event or restaurant take note of the people around you. Make a plan in your head of what you would you do if something happened.

"A lot of it is know where you are going, when you get there they always say check your situational awareness or surroundings, the main thing is to know where your exits are kind of plan where you can duck if something does happen a post or behind the chairs or something," said Noland.

Never worry your belongings.

"Leave it and go I mean you can come back later but don't take your time do what you need to do and get out of there," said Noland.

Active shooter situations can happen in minutes. Noland said you have to think like a shooter would.

"The best thing it to think like they are thinking how are they going to come in  how are they going to attack the people, how would you attack yourself and then take take that and prepare yourself," said Noland.

Even if you have a gun, Noland said never draw your weapon.

"One thing people say if I had a gun unless you can really identify your target one if police got the gun and you come in you'd probably the first one they would look at unless its a direct confrontation with them i wouldn't pull my weapon," said Noland.

Noland said in his 17 years of experience he has never been involved in an active shooter situation. However, he talks to his guards about it everyday, and makes sure they are trained in case something happens.

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