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Texas couples recount being in Mandalay Bay during Vegas shooting

Raymond and Monica De Los Santos and Jessica and Mike Guerra / Source: KFDA Raymond and Monica De Los Santos and Jessica and Mike Guerra / Source: KFDA

Raymond and Monica De Los Santos and Mike and Jessica Guerra, all Tulia residents, were in Las Vegas this past weekend celebrating Jessica's birthday.

They were watching the Michael Jackson tribute show inside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino when, unbeknownst to them at the time, chaos rung out from 30 floors above them.

The four friends were in the front row of the show, a few numbers in, when the show stopped and the lights came on.

Someone with the staff came up to them to tell them to stay in their seats, and they thought it was part of the act.

That is, until the show never came back, and audience members started checking their phones.

"Our social media and news updates said that there were active shooter or shooters in the Mandalay Bay and that's exactly where we were," said Monica De Los Santos.

Staff turned off the lights in the theater, and the audience was on lock down for about 6 hours, not totally aware of what was happening outside, thinking they could be shot at any minute.

"We just heard in the background one of the SWAT [officers] that was in there yell 'get down get down, run to the front take cover,' and we couldn't see because it was pitch black so at that point we knew it was serious," said De Los Santos. "I just felt like at that point I had to tell my kids and my parents that I loved them because, I didn't know. I really thought that that was it."

All four said the saw their lives flash before their eyes several times as they were told to take cover three times while locked in the theater.

"We felt like hostages," said Jessica Guerra.

Mike Guerra said the waiting and uncertainty were the worst parts, not knowing how many shooters were out there, and if there was danger in the theater with them.

Both couples said they weren't at ease until they came home to Tulia and were able to hug their children.

Even still, they don't know when they will no longer feel shaken up.

"It's really sad that our society has made us feel so uncomfortable," said Guerra. "It'll be a long time before any of us can comfortably go to a place, a crowded place. It's sad that our world has come to that."

The couples said they were interested in going to the music festival where all the casualties occurred after their show.

Had they gone to the earlier Michael Jackson show, they said they could have been out there in the crowd, and possibly victims themselves.

All four echoed the same advice - never take your family for granted, and hug them before you leave, because you never know when you'll see them for the last time.

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