Woman pulled over by imposter police officer

Woman pulled over by imposter police officer

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) – A Lawton woman is speaking out after she says she was pulled over by a man impersonating a police officer.

On Thursday, Echo Stevenson was driving down Cache Road when she saw flashing lights in her rearview mirror.

"They weren't very visible but they were enough to notice. So I thought it was an undercover cop at the time,
she said.

She drove until she saw a popular, well lit parking lot at a busy intersection and pulled over
which is when her encounter with 32-year-old Robert Powell began.
"The guy proceeded to my car,
she said. I let the window down and he asked have you been drinking? And I'm like uh no. And he's like are you sure and I'm like yes. At that point he's like if I call for backup could you do a sobriety test? And I'm like call whoever you need to call."

She says Powell went back to his car and came back to ask her name.

"He comes back a few seconds later and was like he couldn't find me in the system which I thought was really odd,
she said. I'm thinking I'm a licensed driver I'm sure I'm in your system I've had tickets before."

Echo started to question whether the person who pulled her over was really a police officer
at which point she was let go.

She then called a friend, who in turn notified her police officer husband, who was on duty at the time. He let Echo know that she had not been stopped by an actual police officer.

"Instantly fear came over just because it could've ended in a worse situation, she said. you never know what people's motives are nowadays and I'm just kinda glad that I did say something because this could've happened to the next person and could've ended badly."

Fortunately, authorities caught up with the imposter and arrest him.
According to detectives, Powell admitted he stopped Echo because he thought she was pretty and wanted to know her name.

"We don't know if he had followed me before... if he had just seen me at the gas station where I was or what the motive was behind it other than that, she said. It was just pretty terrifying once you know somebody just wants to know who you are."

She says her take away from this is to always be grateful.
"It could've ended so much worse than it did."
"Powell is set to appear before a judge on Wednesday.
Police say that anyone suspicious of the person pulling them over should call 911 and drive to a well-lit area.
The dispatcher will be able to confirm if it is a real officer doing the stop, as officers dispatch their location when they pull someone over.

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