Over 300 local students participate in Walk to School Day

Over 300 local students participate in Walk to School Day

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Lawton Elementary students from four different schools are a little more educated on health and fitness after taking part in the 21st Annual National Walk to School day.

All of the students met at Lawton High School's gym where the school held a Pep Rally for them. It's all to encourage the kids to live active, healthy lifestyles.

Over 300 students from Pat Henry, Freedom, Washington and Whittier Elementary Schools walked Wednesday morning to Lawton High.

"I got to walk with my friends, so it was actually like super fun," said
Ariana Roig, a 5th grader at Pat Henry.

The goal is to show students you can have fun while being active and getting healthy. Roig says she does a lot of activities at school and at home with her family.

"I actually do dance, gymnastics and me, my dad and sister, we go to the gym on Saturday's and we work out for like an hour," said

Sandy Foster, the Program Director for the TSET Healthy Living Program at Comanche County Memorial Hospital says it's important to be proactive in getting kids involved in health and fitness early in life.

"We see them when they get sick, so it's really important for us to do some preventive work out there," said Foster. "We don't want them in our hospital. We don't want to have to treat them later. It's really important to help them develop those healthy habits and walking to school, being active, drinking water are all a part of those interventions."

That is why Roig says she makes sure to eat good nutritious foods.

"It's actually very important because if you have diabetes, you could be really sick and you don't want that," said Roig.

The students had a great time learning more about the activities, like band, cheer and volleyball that they can get involved in once they get to high school.

"I would say thank you," said Annabelle Bigler, 5th grade student at Pat Henry. "It was very generous and kind of them to let us come in and spare their time...it was really fun."

As a way to encourage the students to eat healthy, the Lawton High Staff also gave the students an apple and animal crackers to eat on their way back to their schools.

For more information on the TSET Healthy Living Program visit https://tset.ok.gov/content/healthy-living-program-grants

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