LPD hosting motorcycle school for officers

LPD hosting motorcycle school for officers
(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

LAWTON,OK (KSWO)-Training to become a police officer is tough. But officers in the traffic division at the Lawton Police Department says it's even more challenging doing their jobs on motorcycles.

This week LPD is holding a motorcycle school for those officers. In order for them to patrol in the streets they have to go through a demanding two-week training course and pass a test.

Making quick sharp turns to the left and right, and dodging safety cones is just one of several obstacle courses officers have to complete.

Sergeant Collin Ney said the figure 8 obstacle is extreme.

"You have to come in tight, your foot boards are almost scrapping the ground, and you have to come in and turn. The turns are so sharp, it's remarkable what you can do with a motorcycle this big through small turns," said Ney

This week is all about becoming familiar with the maneuvers and trusting the motorcycle.

"It takes a little bit while to develop trust in that bike but once you develop that trust these exercises become so much easier," said Davis.

It also prepares them for what they'll face each day.

"Say we are setup on a street and we see a speeder or someone running a red light, it's going to teach us that we can get out and make that sharp turn, get around, and stay safe while we are there," said Ney.

Lt. Brad Davis is one of the instructors over the motorcycle school and knows from experience how difficult motorcycle school can be.

"Your about on a 900 pound motorcycle,but it's amazing how agile these bikes are, and what you can actually do on these bikes," said Ney.

The grueling motorcycle course not only prepares officers for everyday emergencies and traffic stops, they also want citizens to be aware when they are driving down the road.

"I always try to tell people when you are scanning looking in your mirror at the change lanes or whatever, look for a motorcycle, don't look for a car. Cause if you are looking for a car you are looking for a bigger object and you may miss a small motorcycle," said Davis.

Next week officers will have to go through faster obstacles, and learn what to do when an object or vehicle stops in front of them at a high speed.
At the end of the training each officer will have to pass a test before they get out on the streets.

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