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Police investigate two home invasions in Lawton

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Two homes invasions within an hour, that's what Lawton police were dealing with Thursday morning.
They happened in the 100 block of Northeast English Street and 400 block of Northwest Morford Drive.
In one of those break-ins, a woman caught the intruder in the act.

"I unlocked the front door, stepped in the entry and there was ceiling tiles and a big hole in the ceiling, said Twila Benninght, caretaker. "A lot of debris around. And here met me in the entry was a young man carrying a double barrel shotgun that was my father in laws."

That was just one of 12 shotguns Bennight said her family had in the home.

Nine of them are now missing.

Bennight said she and her husband got a call from their landlord that morning that there was a broken window in the backyard and items out of place.

Bennight's husband asked her to check on the house and that's when she found the intruder still inside.

"He ordered me into the house, said Bennight. "I said I'm not coming in the house. He said I'm not going to hurt you, but I need you to come in the house and I said I'm not coming in the house. Turned and ran to my car and drove away."

She said she watched the house and called the police but never saw the intruder again.

However, the encounter still haunts her.

"Very vulnerable, very scared, said Bennight. "I walk in this house every week to check the property, water plants and it's just usually me walking in."

Bennight said she's always considered the neighborhood safe, but this incident caused her to question that.

And one of her neighbors feels the same way.

His house was broken into a couple months ago and the thief was caught on surveillance camera.

"It's ridiculous, said William Ferguson, resident. "Me being a retired military, combat veteran. I'm out here watching constantly being vigilant and still, people are stealing. Numerous occasions, not just my house, but others in this neighborhood."

As for Bennight, she believes the intruder had been watching the home and knew their routine, which is now something she regrets.

"There's not much coming and going at this property and it is a large and nice home and I'm sure he thought it would be full of valuables he could hawk," said Bennight.

Police told Bennight the intruder could have been in the house for several days.

At last check, he still had not been found.  

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