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Horace Mann Elementary students participate in National Walk to School Day

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DUNCAN, Ok (KSWO) -Dozens of students, parents, and teachers from Horace Mann Elementary School in Duncan laced up their sneakers and participated in National Walk to School Day.

Taking a step in the right direction, is what dozens of  students at Horace Mann Elementary School were doing Friday morning for Walk to School Day.

"I think walking to school is good because it gives you exercise," said Hill.

The nationwide event started in 1997, and encourages kids to walk or bike to school. Fifth grade student Justin Mann said walking to school is part of his morning routine, and it helps keep him in shape.

"It's really good, it's exercise for your legs, and if you walk to school mostly everyday you can get a lot of exercise," said Mann.
Shawna Yokley said her kids were fired up when they woke up Friday morning.

"They were so excited about National Walk to School Day, they were excited about it they have been talking about it all week," said Yokley.

Yokley said her kids love being active.They also practice healthy eating habits at home by eating fruits and veggies. 

"All the kids are healthier and they don't stay inside and play on electronics all the time so when they wanted to walk to school I was all for it," said Yokley.

Lorrie Colavito and her daughter Hayle also participated in National Walk to School Day and said it was very peaceful to walk and they enjoyed it more than driving.  

" I think its get outside, we heard birds singing, and we talked about the birds singing, and we talked about the different nature things, so it was good, it was good to walk," said Colavito.

Horace Mann teacher Kelsey Roberts said they were surprised at how many students walked to school. Each student got a certificate with their name on it, and a medal.

"We were super excited and I think we underestimated how excited the kids were because we had an abundance of students come out, more than I anticipated so it's great," said Roberts.

School officials said they hope this event will inspire more students and families to walk to school everyday.

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