Duncan Public Schools purchases new buses and chrome books with bond issue money

Duncan Public Schools purchases new buses and chrome books with bond issue money
(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) -Christmas came early for Duncan Public Schools all thanks to two school bonds passed in May totaling close to 3 millions dollars. The district has already purchased new buses for their transportation department, and computers for students and teachers.

Every student in grades 6 through 12 at Duncan Public Schools now has access to a Google Chrome Book laptop they can use at school and at home.

"I was actually pretty excited, it's new, I tried it out to see how it is and I like it so far," said Milton.

Senior, Rosaria Milton said the device is a big help when it comes to learning and completing assignments.

"In writing you have to do all this and then mess up and throw it away, it's wasting paper. But on Chrome Books you just have to erase it and start all over," said Milton.

Superintendent Melonie Hau said its important for our students to have access to technology.

"We felt like across the community some of our kids didn't have proper access to technology and what that means is that they don't have access to the information they are learning and it's difficult for them to gain the skills that they need to move on into college and also into the workplace," said Hau.

As part of the district's technology upgrades, all teachers received a new desktop computer, some of which were last upgraded in 2008.

Duncan High English teacher Sandra Hurst said the new computers allow them to move forward in the millennium, and keep them connected with students.

"They are able to access their homework anytime. If they are absent, they can see things going on in the classroom while they are away, and they are really never disconnected," said Hurst.

The district purchased 8 new buses for 55,000 dollars each and about two weeks ago, the transportation department got three of them--two activity buses, and a route bus.

"We were here in the parking lot when they were rolling in, it was like Christmas all over again, and it was exciting to see the kids faces first seeing the buses roll up to the schools," said Arredondo.

Duncan Public Schools Transportation Director LeeAnn Arredondo said she's grateful for a community that supports their students.

Without that bond issue this would not be possible, these kids would not have new transportation. Our fleet is depleting, and its age, durability, and to have new buses is something we are not able to do on school funding," said Arredondo.

The other five buses are expected to arrive in the next three months, and the District plans to purchase about 8 more in the next year for a total of 16. Hau adds, they're also working on providing chrome books for students in Pre-K through 5th grade.

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