Local artist honors father at festival

Local artist honors father at festival
MEDICINE PARK, OK (KSWO)- The fun continued at the second day of the Art Walk and Flute festival at Medicine Park. 
People spent the day listening to music and checking out work from 30 local and regional artists.
Timothy Nevaquaya says he's been setting up shop at the festival for over 11 years. 
Nevaquaya says his dad is the reason he continues to come out each year.

He said the first festival was named after his father for the reemergence of the native American flute. 

It was initially called the Doc Tate-Nevaquaya flute festival,” said Nevaquaya. “So, I come here in honor of my dad."

And of course, the festival also gives him the opportunity to showcase his Native American art.
He uses acrylic and oil paint 
“It's always a traditional thing for me now,” said Nevaquaya. “You know after eleven years it's just a really wonderful event to attend."

Nevaquaya said he's been painting for 20 years and won't stop here. 
If you'd like to check out more of his work you can find him on Facebook. 

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