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Increased activity, holidays prompt Fletcher PD to hire more officers

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FLETCHER, OK (KSWO) - The Fletcher Police Department has hired two new police officers to help combat a recent uptick in minor crimes.

Having them on the payroll is something already covered by the city's budget and the police chief hopes their help will put an end to these crimes before they become a bigger problem.

Over the last month, Chief Jason DeLonais said they've seen an increase in crimes like burglaries and trespassing. When you couple that with the fact that we're approaching one of their busiest times of the year, the holiday season, Chief DeLonais said that makes the two new officers necessary. Chief DeLonais said he expects having the additional two officers will make a huge impact on the Fletcher community.

"That's a great big deal here. I mean that increases your coverage by quite a lot. It's more people on the street, more people able to answer calls,” DeLonais said. “The Comanche County Sheriff's Office does a great job of supporting us when we don't have somebody out. This is going to allow us to help us be able to take care of ourselves better, take some of the pressure off them and help us get up on our own two feet."

Chief DeLonais said those two officers will go a long way in preventing what is slowly becoming a problem.

"It's not been a giant issue because it's been relatively small things like cut a screen and go in someone's garage, load up the truck and maybe get scared off,” DeLonais said. “Kind of probing the area to see what's going on, to see what they can and can't get away with. They've taken a couple security cameras and stuff like that. Nothing over the top or major, but enough to maybe have a little bit of concern."

The hope is that having a couple extra officers patrolling Fletcher will make people think twice before committing a crime. Plus, Chief DeLonais said the added police presence will be necessary with a busy couple of months coming up.

"With the holidays you have extra gifts, extra packages, Fed-Ex, UPS, everybody is delivering these things and it's really easy for someone to just walk by and help themselves to someone else's hard earned Christmas gifts,” DeLonais said. “Domestics can go up in the winter time. Holidays are stressful, as enjoyable as they are, when you get a bunch of people together that don't see each other very often, sometimes they can short out."

The two officers hired will be part-time employees and both have worked for the Fletcher Police Department in the past. Chief DeLonais said they plan to hire a few more officers in the spring, which is also covered in the budget. 

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